When Quality & Safety are your Priority, use SANCAP Liners!

     SANCAP Liner Technology is a manufacturer of cap and closure sealing materials to the global market. SANCAP makes quality, cost effective liner materials using induction heat seal, pressure seal, polystyrene foam materials and pulp backed gasket seals for plastic and metal closures. The SANCAP sealing products offer proven performance for food, pharmaceutical, personal care, household products, industrial products and consumer product packages. Let our 70 years of sealing solutions put closure on your next project.


SANCAP Liner Technology, Inc.
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SANCAP Liner Technology Incorporated

For nearly 70 years, SANCAP has grown with the closure industry.  As the requirements of packaging regulations and end-product manufacturers have become more demanding, SANCAP has developed innovative solutions to meet FDA requirements.

Today, SANCAP protects a wide aray of food, pharmaceutical, chemical, and cosmetic products.  We also have the experience and creativity to meet the sealing  liners challenges of tomorrow, as well.

What sets SANCAP apart from the others?

   >  SANCAP is customer-focused. We proudly serve both large and small closure
       manufacturers and end-users. Our low minimum orders, responsive
       delivery and technical support enable us to meet your special needs.    

   >  SANCAP is an integrated manufacturer. We extrude, compound, coat,
       laminate, print, and convert lining materials to ensure total closure

   >  SANCAP provides a full range of heat seal, pressure sensitive and gasket
       sealing product, including paper, foil and foam. SANCAP products are
       compatible with glass, PVC, PE, PET, polystyrene and polypropylene

   >  SANCAP is state-of-the-art. Because we employ lean manufacturing
       processes, you are assured quality and efficiency at a cost-competitive

SANCAP Liner Technology serves closure manufacturers directly and seeks to establish integrated relationships with both closure manufacturers and end-users; believing that such a seamless approach to product development, marketing, and manufacturing serves all interests most effectively.